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Post Vaccination Considerations


Post Vaccination Considerations

It is important to care and monitor your pets after vaccinations or any medical procedure to ensure their well being. Please contact The Pet Stop Clinic immediately if your pet is experiencing symptoms such as swollen face, hives, itching or vomiting as these are signs of an allergic reaction. If your pet is on any other medication or is being treated for any other medical condition, please contact your veterinarian before giving the medications listed below.

After receiving vaccinations, your dog may run a fever, become sore or have muscle aches. In some cases, older animals may experience more prevalent side effects. These side effects are common and will run their course within 24 to 48 hours. You can provide support to your dog by giving him the extra attention and treating him to his favorite food while monitoring for uncommon symptoms. Take your dog’s temperature using a thermometer.

Post Vaccination Considerations

Normal Temperature:            

99.5 – 102.5 degrees F

Normal Heart rate:                

0 – 100 for large breeds, 100 – 140 for small breeds

Normal Respiratory rate:        15-20

Asprin Administration

Do not administer Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aleve or any other anti-inflammatory pills other than aspirin. You can give your dog 10 – 25 mg/pound orally, up to one adult aspirin every 8 hrs or as needed.

Administration by Weight

Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)

1-5 lbs: ¼ to ½ baby aspirin by mouth every eight hours as needed

10 lbs: 1 baby aspirin every 8 hr.

15-20 lbs: 1½ baby aspirin every 8 hours as needed

20 lbs: 2 baby aspirin, or ½ adult aspirin every 8 hours as needed

30lbs: 1 adult aspirin every 8 hours as needed

To administer Benadryl, please follow these guideline or as directed by The Pet Stop veterinarian.

1 adult tablet or capsule = 25mg

1 tsp liquid = 12.5 mg

1 tsp = 5cc or 5 ml


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